We’re excited to announce our new season of show for the 2019-2020 Year!
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2019-2020 Season

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

*Tony Award Winner* An eclectic group of sixth-graders arrives at the 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, each eager to win for very different reasons. In hilarious, touching, and catchy songs, each speller reveals his/her hopes, struggles, and passions as they make their way through the competition. With an engaging, tuneful score by William Finn and a sweet, funny book by Rachel Sheinkin, The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Beecauses audiences to fall in love, both with the show itself and its “perspicacious,” “jocular,” and “effervescent” spellers.

Don’t Talk To The Actors

The best laid plans go awry when the cast and crew of a Broadway-bound play resort to manipulation, diva-like behavior, and chaotic abandon to get what they want, Fledging playwright Jerry Przpeznial and his fiancée are a couple of Buffalo greenhorns suddenly swept up in the whirlwind of New York’s theatre scene when Jerry’s play is optioned for the big money, ego-driven world of Broadway.  It’s a young playwright’s dream, but the crazy characters and dilemmas they encounter are the things theatrical nightmares are made of.  Production dates will probably be in September, 2019




Four WWII veterans have been playing a monthly game of poker since 1945.  They have been dragging 5 percent from every pot for more than 50 years and this “side pot” has grown to a sizeable fortune.   As Billy, Earl, Kooch, and Dale compete in this monthly game of skill and luck they struggle over what to do with their shared nest egg.  The events of their lives are revealed as each player comes upon a random “history chip” among their piles of poker winnings.  The history chips reflect the significant events of their lives and their conflicting views on love., friendship, politics, death, and taxes are revealed.  The table is set.  Shuffle up and deal.  Production dates will probably be in November, 2019.


Dead Man’s Hand


At first this play seems to be the usual “Agatha Christie” type play with two couples lured to a remote Italian villa to be murdered one by one.  It is only when the play is well advanced that we learn we are watching actors rehearsing their own murder mystery.  Then two of the actors are murdered.  An intriguing final twist unravels the real reason for the whole charade.  Production dates will be planned around Mardi Gras dates for 2020.


Sex Please, We’re Sixty


We close the season with “Sex Please We’re Sixty”by Michael Parker and Susan Parker.   Mrs Stancliffe’s Bed and Breakfast has been successful for many years attracting the mostly women guests year after year.  Bud, who lives next door, believes they come to spend romantic time with him. Henry, who lives on the other side, is a chemist and has developed an as yet untested pill for menopause women. The pill gets mixed up with Bud’s Viagra with very interesting results.  When everything settles down everyone finds their lives going in new directions