More About the Piece:

by Joseph Kesselring

Aunt Abby (Donna Benda) and Aunt Martha (Edwina Yakupzack) Brewster are the dearest, sweetest things. Always looking after the neighbors and, of course, their dear nephews, Mortimer (James Stewart) and Teddy (Matthew Marant), who believes he is Teddy Roosevelt. Just as Mortimer announces his engagement to the girl next door, Elaine (Celeste Roberts Bergeron), he learns that his beloved Aunts have been very busy with an unusual charitable mission. As he tries to comprehend what has been going on in the Brewster home, his long lost brother, Jonathan (Doug Holloway), who has murderous intentions, appears on the scene with his sidekick, Dr. Einstein (Joel Waldron).

Brooklyn’s finest are represented by Officers Brophy (Malcolm Parfait), Klein (Steve Duplantis), and O’Hara (Terrance Bonvillain) and Lt. Rooney (Frank Davis). Performances by Bud Barnes (Rev. Dr. Harper), George Beaudry(Mr. Witherspoon), and Greg Whitney (Mr. Gibbs) round out the production of this classic Broadway comedy.

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The Details:

September 11, 2015

September 20, 2015

Ouida Best

Production Staff:

Donna Benda Edwina Yakupzack James Stewart Matthew Marant Celeste Roberts Bergeron Doug Holloway Joel Waldron Malcolm Parfait Steve Duplantis Terrance Bonvillain Frank Davis Bud Barnes George Beaudry Greg Whitney