More about the piece:

by Colin Mitchell

A play to steal your heart with a generous mix of larceny, love and laughter. A charming con-man (Steve Crispino) breaks into what he thinks is an empty apartment only to find a mysterious woman (Celeste Roberts) waiting for him. Despite his outlandish stories, she always seems two steps ahead of him, until the audience is left wondering who is really the better con artist? Just when we think we figure out what is really going on, an older gentleman man (George Beaudry) enters with a remote control, heart-strewn boxer shorts, and the same name as the mysterious woman! The best-laid plans collapse into felonious fun when a love-struck neighbor completes the ensemble. Hysterical plot twists, sparkling dialogue, and mistaken identities highlight this screwball romantic comedy. Pat Crochet rounds out the cast.  Pilfering has never been this funny!

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The Details:

May 12, 2017

May 21, 2017

Edwina Yakupzak

Production Staff:

Steve Crispino Celeste Roberts George Beaudry Pat Crochet