More About the Piece:

by Alan Ayckbourn

Idealistic young writer Adam Trainsmith meets Chandler Tate, a former director of classic comedies, who makes a living by directing a never-ending soap opera. The leading-role android makes a series of mistakes. Supporting role android JC-F31-333, spots his lapses and laughs.

Later on, while Adam is watching old slapstick comedy, JC-F31-333 laughs again. She is afraid that the sense of humour is a production fault. Adam sees it as an advantage. He nicknames his favourite android Jacie and persuades Chandler that they should make a comedy for her.

Regional TV director Carla Pepperbloom threatens to ruin the project. She is jealous of Adam’s sympathy for talented Jacie and orders the android’s memory wiped. Adam panics and decides to kidnap Jacie. While on the escape, Adam and Jacie fall in love.

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The Details:

November 10, 2011

November 20, 2011

Dwayne Adams

Production Staff:
Greg Whitney
Gretchen Autin
Paul Labat
Janet Owens
Steve Duplantis

Frank Davis
Gretchen Malbrough
Kelly Burlette
Alex Martin
Danielle Marchive
Patti Loupe
Steve Crispino
Joel Waldron
Reggie Pontiff
Gayle Barrios-Walters
Shelbi Daigle and
William Davis