Dear LePetit Patron

These are certainly trying times. The Board of the theatre hopes that you are all happy, healthy, and safe. There is much uncertainty right now as to our ability to predict when this pandemic may end. It has already postponed our March show, and has postponed all practices for our last show in May. Due to these circumstances, we regret to inform you that we must indefinitely suspend this season.

As you know, a new season begins in June. We have every intention of delivering you a full season in 2020-2021. In light of full disclosure, I must tell you the challenges we face next year.

1. We assume the pandemic will end and life will return to normal. If this pandemic lingers, then we will certainly do our best to bring you as many shows and performances as we can.

2. We assume we will be in the midst of a renovation during the season. As you may or may not know, the bids came in much higher than anticipated. This is simply a stumbling block and we will not give up. We have already filed for additional capital outlay with the State of Louisiana to cover the difference. As always, we thank our local senators and representatives for their continued understanding and support.

3. We believe we have alternative sites available for performances during the renovation. We will work hard to provide what we promise.

Due to the indefinite suspension of this season, we understand that you may ask what happens to the season ticket dollars that you have paid. Before I tell you the options, I would like to report that we absolutely want to deliver to you the two shows that we had to postpone. I cannot promise this, as next year we face the challenges above. However, we feel we owe you those performances. We do plan on giving you Erma Bombeck At Wits End and Sex Please We’re Sixty at no cost (for current season ticket holders) in the future.

So, we would like to offer you 2 options.

1. Consider the season ticket price already paid as a donation to the theatre.

2. Request a refund for the 2 shows suspended.

Although we would understand if you asked for option 2, it is our hope you choose option 1. We will deliver these shows to you; and we have already paid for the licensing. If you would honor us by continuing your membership you will get what you already paid for.

Our board, our actors, and our production volunteers work extremely hard to bring you quality affordable entertainment year after year. This year has been no different in our efforts.

Thank you for your past, current, and continuing support. If you should have questions please email the theatre or leave a message at the box office, 985-876-4278, and we will get back to you soon.

The show must go on!
Thank you from your board members of Le Petit