More About the Piece:

By Suzan L Zeder

Lillian Barron (Edwina Yakupzack) is eighty-four years old, vibrant, funny, wise and recently deceased!  During her lifetime Lillian shared a special, long-distance bond with her granddaughter Kelly (Katie Davis), and suffered an estrangement from her son Windsor (Frank Davis), a colonel in the Air Force, as he moved his family from base to base all over the world.  After her death, Lillian discovers that she cannot “move on” until the rifts are somehow mended.  Windsor and Kelly come from overseas to settle Lillian’s affairs, and are aghast to discover that the walls of her house have been painted with wild, sometimes humorous, sometimes horrific murals and drawings.  As they piece together moments of time and fragments of feeling, they make astonishing discoveries about themselves and each other, as they unravel the secrets of the paintings.  They also uncover a special relationship between Lillian and a young neighborhood child (Ellie Ramirez), a life-affirming friendship that transcends the boundaries of time. space and generations.  Rounding out the cast is Lydia-Courtney Voight, Jeanne Scott and Jesiah Eschete.

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