More About the Piece:

Book by Patricia Resnick
Music by Dolly Parton
Lyrics by Dolly Parton

For those who don’t remember the movie, it is set in the late 1970’s, before political correctness and sexual discrimination laws prevented male chauvinists from trying to get wet in the secretarial pool.  Although there are several scene changes, the main focus of the play will in an office lorded over by Mr. Hart (Larry Hyatt), but actually administered by Violet Newstead (Georgia Naquin).  Doralee Rhodes (Brittney Weimer) is the maligned secretary who is just trying to do her job, with Judy Bernly (Nicole Webb) being newly divorced and getting back into the work force.  Although each character and performer plays an important part the play, due to space limitations, the remaining cast members are Margaret (Gayle Walters-Barrios), Dick Bernly (Eddie Olivier), Dwayne (Billy Gorr), Missy Hart (Gretchen Malbrough), Roz (Jeanne Scott), Maria (Ashlynn Dupre), Kathy (Kim Champagne), Bob Enright (Terrance Bonvillain), Josh (Curran Latas), Joe (Joshua Martin), Mr. Tinsworthy (George Beaudry), Pink Lady (Phyllis Martin), Doctor (Brandy Grabert-Grigsby), Intern (Chris Fakier), Detective (Shane Fos), New Employee (Kayla Pitre), with the office ensemble consisting of Teresa Hardin, Eric Bourg, Phyllis Martin, Kayla Pitre, Graham Caldarera and Toni Hicks.  Music direction is in the capable hands of Sara Todd, with drummer Rick Peace to assist with percussion.  Choreography is being skillfully handled by Wanda Dishman.

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The Details:

July 12, 2012

July 29, 2012

Sue Peace

Production Staff:
Paul Labat
John Sonnier
Nelson Bertinot
Reggie Pontiff
Jeanne Scott

Larry Hyatt
Georgia Naquin
Brittney Weimer
Nicole Webb
Gayle Walters-Barrios
Eddie Olivier
Billy Gorr
Gretchen Malbrough
Jeanne Scott
Ashlynn Dupre
Kim Champagne
Terrance Bonvillain
Curran Latas
Joshua Martin
George Beaudry
Phyllis Martin
Brandy Grabert-Grigsby
Chris Fakier
Shane Fos
Kayla Pitre
Teresa Hardin, Eric Bourg, Phyllis Martin, Kayla Pitre, Graham Caldarera and Toni Hicks