And The Nominees Are:



Pat Hornsby Crochet in Scream Queens
Edwina Yakupzack in Yankee Tavern
Dwayne Adams and Greg Whitney in Comic Potential
Reggie Pontiff in Hallelujah Girls


Frank Davis in Scream Queens
Russell “Red”Hornsby in Yankee Tavern
Paul Labat and Gretchen Autin in Comic Potential
Martha Cazaubon and Ouida Best in The Cover of Life
Linda Schexnayder in Hallelujah Girls

Set Design and Construction

John Sonnier in Scream Queens
Greg Whitney and Bill Ellzey in Yankee Tavern
Steve Duplantis in Comic Potential
Nelson Bertinot in The Cover of Life
Joel Waldron in Hallelujah Girls

Best Actor in a Leading Role

George Beaudry as Ray in Yankee Tavern
Alex Martin as Adam Trainsmith in Comic Potential
Bud Barnes as Bobby Dwayne in Hallelujah Girls

Best Actress in a Leading Role

Kim Champagne as Richelle in Scream Queens
Danielle Marchive as Jacie Tripplethree in Comic Potential
Shea Hermann as Tood in The Cover of Life
Lorna Gianelloni Farrar as Sugar Lee in Hallelujah Girls
Hope Theriot as Carlene in Hallelujah Girls

Best Actor in a Supporting Role

Scott Courville as Adam in Yankee Tavern
Carlisle Jukes as Palmer in Yankee Tavern
Frank Davis as Chandler Tate in Comic Potential
Edward Schilling as Tommy in The Cover of Life
Delvin Foret as Porter Pudget in Hallelujah Girls

Best Actress in a Supporting Role

Ann Hebert Duplantis as DeeDee in Scream Queens
Amy Adams as Bianca in Scream Queens
Ani Ashley as Janet in Yankee Tavern
Patti Loupe as Carla Pepperbloom in Comic Potential
Tami Roche Ledet as Sybil in The Cover of Life
Elizabeth Folse as Weetsie in The Cover of Life
Hope Theriot as Aunt Ola in The Cover of Life
Meghan Acosta as Addie Mae in The Cover of Life
Stephanie Kenny-Gomez as Mavis in Hallelujah Girls
Toni Hicks as Bunny in Hallelujah Girls
Sue Peace as Crystal in Hallelujah Girls
Lydia Courtney-Voight as Nita in Hallelujah Girls


Hallelujah Girls – Stephanie Kenney- Gomez as Mavis
Cover of Life – Shea Hermann as Tood
Comic Potential – Danielle Marchive as Jacie
Yankee Tavern – George Beaudry as Ray
Scream Queens – Ann Hebert Duplantis as DeeDee

We Honored Nathan Abbott As The Roland Champagne Trouper Of The Year


Doug Holloway presenting Esther to Shea Hermann (Tood in Cover of Life) Best actress in Supporting Role


Male Esther award winner present ( Left to right) Greg Whitney – Set Design and Construction ( Yankee Tavern) Delvin Foret – Best Actor in Supporting Role ( Porter Pudget in Hallelujah Girls) George Beaudry – Best Actor in a Leading Role ( Ray in Yankee Tavern) Reggie Pontiff – Director ( Hallelujah Girls)


All winners of People’s Choice awards (Left to right) Stephanie Kenny-Gomez ( Mavis in Hallelujah Girls) Ann Hebert Duplantis (DeeDee in Scream Queens – the Musical) George Beaudry (Ray in Yankee Tavern) Danielle Marchive ( Jaycee Triplethree in Comic Potential) Shea Hermann (Tood in Cover of Life)


Scholarship Recipients (Left to right) Amy Pizzle – New Gerald Daigle Scholarship winner Sara Patrick – Renewing Gerald Daigle Scholarship winner Kami Ellender – Hazel Catagnos Scholarship winner

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June 02, 2012

June 02, 2012

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