Saturday, June 17, 2017
at Le Petit Theatre

Le Petit Theatre de Terrebonne Esther Awards Program
Honoring the best of the 2016-2017 theater season
Presenting the Gerald Daigle and Helen Castagnos Scholarship Awards

*Winners in green


Pat Crochet – Some Enchanted Evening
Doug Holloway- Pursuit of Happiness
Brittany Bourque – Miracle on 34th Street
Sue Peace – Waste Mismanagement
Edwina Yakupzack – Breaking and Entering


Paul Labat – Some Enchanted Evening
Robyn Hornsby – Pursuit of Happiness
Reggie Pontiff – Miracle on 34th Street
Danielle Marchive – Waste Mismanagement
Matha Cazaubon – Breaking and Entering

Set Design and Construction

Pat Crochet and Bill Ellzey – Some Enchanted Evening
Frank Davis – Pursuit of Happiness
Nelson Bertinot – Miracle on 34th Street
Nelson Bertiot and John Sonnier – Waste Mismanagement
Richard Sasser – Breaking and Entering

Best Actor in a Leading Role

Andy Messina as Billy – Some Enchanted Evening
Joshua Martin as Will – Some Enchanted Evening
Duke Gremillion as Neil – Pursuit of Happiness
Bud Barnes as Kris Kringle – Miracle on 34th Street
Reggie Pontiff as Hornsby – Waste Mismanagement
Steve Crispino as Warren – Breaking and Entering

Best Actress in a Leading Role

Mindy Guidroz as Nellie – Some Enchanted Evening
Brittany Weimer as Anna – Some Enchanted Evening
Yvette Bilello as Annie – Pursuit of Happiness
Brittany Pellegrin as Doris – Miracle on 34th Street
Brittany Bourque as Mugsy – Waste Mismanagement
Celeste Roberts as Crawford – Breaking and Entering

Best Actor in a Supporting Role

Dillon Hughes as Charlie – Some Enchanted Evening
Ethan Rodrigue as Joe – Some Enchanted Evening
Kevin Ramirez as Spud – Pursuit of Happiness
Randy Bethancourt as Judge Harper – Miracle on 34th Street
Scott Courville as Vinnie Varconi – Waste Mismanagement
Delvin Foret as Smokey Spooner – Waste Mismanagement
Terry Trahan, Jr. as Ed Sharkly – Waste Mismanagement
George Beaudry as Mr. Lawton – Breaking and Entering

Best Actress in a Supporting Role

Laura Lee as Julie – Some Enchanted Evening
Amber Gatlin as Laurie – Some Enchanted Evening
Ellie Ramirez as Jodi – Pursuit of Happiness
Elle Johnson as Susan – Miracle on 34th Street
Lisa Rogers as Dr. Pierce – Miracle on 34th Street
Vancena Cardinale as Maura – Miracle on 34th Street
Julie Boudreaux as Stacy – Waste Mismanagement
Jeanne Scott as Beulah Thistlebottom – Waste Mismanagement
Judy Haydel as Hillary the Prosecutor – Waste Mismanagement
Pat Crochet as Mary Sure Ralston – Breaking and Entering

People’s Choice Award Winners

Bud Barnes as Kris Kringle – Miracle on 34th Street
Yvette Bilello as Annie – The Pursuit of Happiness
Mindy Guidroz as Nellie – Some Enchanted Evening
Brittany Rogers Bourque as Mugsy – Waste Mismanagement
Steve Crispino as Warren – Breaking and Entering

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June 17, 2017

June 17, 2017


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