Directed by Stephanie Kenny-Gomez, with Kim Champagne as musical director and Wanda Dishman as choreographer, this timeless classic brings to life the story of Tevye (Larry Hyatt), a poor dairyman living in the small tradition filled Russian village of Anatevka  just prior to the Russian Revolution, where Jews and Russians live in delicate balance. Tevye, his wife Golde (Ginny Medina Hamilton) have their traditions challenged as three of their five daughters Tzeitel (Christine Samanie), Holdel (Kirsten Bazet), and Chava (Amber Gatlin) grow up and fall in love. Their suitors, Lazar Wolf (John Reeves), Motel (Davey Lusco ll), Perchick (Stephen Donovan) and Fyedka (River Olden), aided or hampered by the Matchmaker (Jeanne Scott), increasingly push Tevye’s traditional limits. Produced by Gayle Walters and George Beaudry, this offering of one of America’s most beloved musicals is not to be missed. Make your reservations early or risk missing out on a visual and auditory delight that you will remember fondly for years to come.

More About The Piece:

Winner of nine Tony Awards when it debuted in 1964, Fiddler on the Roof is the brainchild of Broadway legends, Jerome Robbins and Harold Prince; songwriters, Jerry Bock and Sheldon Harnick; and bookwriter, Joseph Stein. Touching audiences worldwide with its humor, warmth and honesty, this universal show is a staple of the musical theatre canon.

Set in the little village of Anatevka, the story centers on Tevye, a poor milkman, and his five daughters. With the help of a colorful and tight-knit Jewish community, Tevye tries to protect his daughters and instill them with traditional values in the face of changing social mores and the growing anti-Semitism of Czarist Russia. Rich in historical and ethnic detail, Fiddler on the Roof‘s universal theme of tradition cuts across barriers of race, class, nationality and religion, leaving audiences crying tears of laughter, joy and sadness.

Song List:

Matchmaker, Matchmaker
If I Were a Rich Man
Sunrise, Sunset

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The Details:

July 21, 2017

July 30, 2017

Stephanie Kenney-Gomez

Production Staff:
Director—Stephanie Kenney-Gomez
Musical Director—Kim Champagne
Choreographer—Wanda Dishman
Producers—George Beaudry and Gayle Walters
Set Design and Construction--Stephanie Kenney-Gomez and Rob Hamilton
Costumes---Donna Benda
Stage Manager—Rhonda Lusco
Lights—Eric LeBlanc

Tevye--Larry Hyatt
Golde—Ginny Medina-Hamilton
Tzeitel—Christina Samanie
Hodel—Kirsten Bazet
Chava—Amber Gatlin
Yente—Jeanne Scott
Motel—Davey Lusco II
Perchick—Stephen Donovan
Lazor Wolf—Jon Reeves
Mordcha—Hunter Matzke
Rabbi—Deacon Lee Crochet
Mendel—Andre Bergeron
Avram—Jonathan Dupre
Nachum—Henry Martin
Grandma Tzeitel—Bernadette Clark
Fruma Sarah—Kristen Martin-Bruce
Constable—Scott Courville
Fyedka—River Olden
Shaindel—Wendy LeBouef
Sphritze—Renae LeBouef
Bielke—Thalia Thibodaux
Priest—George Beaudry
Kason Hebert
Josiah Johnson
Brian Laperouse
Carlos Rivas
John Bruce
Kristen Bruce
Kathleen Andrews
Emerald Johnson
Alexandra Simon
Madison Anderson
Madison Pontiff
Makayla Levay
Colette Clark
Gayle Walters