More About the Piece:

By Peter Ustinov

In childhood, climbing a tree was a good way to escape from the troubles of one’s young world.  What happens when the escape comes at a later age?  Peter Ustinov explores the generation gap and getting away from it all in his Halfway Up the Tree.

General Mallalieu Fitzbutress, played by Michael Sevante, returns from Middle East duty to discover that he hardly recognizes his own grown children.  His son Robert (Scott Courville) has dropped out of university, and daughter Judy (Abby Lapeyrouse) is husbandless and about to give birth.  Lady Fitzbutteress (Lydia Courtney-Voight) is the long-suffering wife.

Thrown into the mix is Norwegian au-pair (Ann Duplantis) and Robert’s girlfriend, Lesley (Danielle Marchive), and retired soldier, Tiny Gilliatt-Brown (Michael Brossette).  Basil Utterwood (Ethan Rodrigue) and the Vicar (Terrance Bonvillain) play into the unexpected resolution.

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