More About the Piece:

by Steve Franco

Writer Steve Franco introduces us to the Douglases, including Dad (Steve Crispino) and his daughter, Beth (Carlie Hay) as they deal with relatives, such as the redneck inlaws, Bunny (Brittany Pellegrin) and Bud (Larry Hyatt), who have their daughter, Tracy (Anna Gautreaux) in tow, and the space-invader Aunt Rose (Pat Hornsby Crochet) and her cantankerous husband, Uncle Leo (George Beaudry). Stir the arrival of two inept robbers, Tony (Reggie Pontiff) and Vinny (Scott Courville), into the mix, then add an irritating neighbor, Mrs. Draper (Gayle Walters-Barrios), plus all of the Wakowskis—Paul (Malcolm Parfait), Emily (Abbigail Tuttle) and their mother (Kelly Burlette)—and we have a Christmas Eve we think you will enjoy. Just so you aren’t worried, Mom (Patty Foret Loupe) and the police, in the person of Officer Henley (Carroll “Cal” McKey,III), also arrive on the scene. Inlaws, Outlaws, and Other People (That Should be Shot) is directed by Greg Whitney and co-produced by Donna Benda and Frank Davis.

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The Details:

November 13, 2015

November 22, 2015

Greg Whitney

Production Staff:
Donna Benda and Frank Davis

Steve Crispino Carlie Hay Brittany Pellegrin Larry Hyatt Anna Gautreaux Pat Hornsby Crochet George Beaudry Reggie Pontiff Scott Courville Gayle Walters-Barrios Malcolm Parfait Abbigail Tuttle Kelly Burlette Patty Foret Loupe Carroll “Cal” McKey,III