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Four World War II veterans have been playing a monthly game of poker since 1945. They’ve been saving 5% of the pot for
over 50 years and it has become a sizeable fortune. As they compete in their monthly games, they struggle over what to do with their shared nest egg. Their conflicting views on love, friendship, politics death, and taxes are seen during their debates. Their only referee is Billy’s cleaning lady who is adored by the men who seem to look to her for any shred of common sense. The events of their lives are revealed as each player comes upon a random “history chip” which was created by one of the players when a significant event occurred in their lives. While the significance of the history chips such as Grand Slam, Raccoon, Celery, Nazi, Limpy G, and Jellofish are revealed, the deeper implications of a lifetime of friendship and competition are explored as the cards are dealt. In the end, which player holds the trump card? Who will survive the game of wits and be the heir to the poker fortune? Will rivalry and resentment destroy their friendships and the game itself? The table is set. Shuffle up and deal.

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The Details:

November 01, 2019

November 10, 2019

Edwina Yakupsack

Production Staff:

George Beaudry, Steve Duplantis, Delvin Foret, Liz Folse