More About the Piece:

by Raleigh Marcell

The play centers around a group of strong willed Southern ladies who call themselves “The Offspring of the Ladies of the Sacred South,” an organization fiercely dedicated to preserving and promoting The Magnolias Plantation Museum. The group is headed by the grand dame, Rosabelle Periwinkle (Jeanne Scott), with other members being Olivia Wysteria (Donna Benda), Roberta Lee Townsend (Julie Jeannsonne), Mildred Pierce (Lydia Courtney-Voight), and Mrs. Lawrence Worthington-Brown III (Gayle Walters-Barrios). Aside from their particular eccentricities, these ladies individually and collectively LOVE The Magnolias. The ladies are aided in the museum by Buck (Dana Coleman), a sensitive and caring individual who “does it all” in the museum. Jack (Scott Courville) is a local townsman who makes deliveries to the Magnolias but has a somewhat colorful history in California. Palmer Motley, Jr. (Alex Bonner), the son of the town’s unconventional tomato planter, offers “help” whenever needed. Henry Baxter (Kimball Bonner) and Caroline Hughes (Brittany Rogers Bourque) are representatives of the state organization that decides which museums are promoted to state visitors and which are left to fend for themselves. Celebrity tourists are aided each night by Pat Crochet and Tyler Bonner.

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