More About the Piece:

Annie (Yvette Bilello) and Neil (Duke Gremillion) place all their hopes and dreams on their bright and accomplished daughter Jodi (Ellie Ramirez), a high school senior. But Jodi rebels against her parents’ expectations and sabotages the college admissions process. Horrified that Jodi might not go to college, Annie decides the only hope is to get Jodi into her own alma mater. Fortunately, Spud (Kevin Ramirez), the head of admissions once had a serious (and unrequited) crush on her. Add to the mix a new friend, Tucker (Damon Stentz), and you get “The Pursuit of Happiness!” This production is the directing debut of Doug Holloway.

The show runs August 5, 2016 through August 14, 2016 and there is no show on August 8th. All performances are at 7:30 except for the Sunday matinees at 2:00 pm.

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The Details:

August 05, 2016

August 14, 2016

Doug Halloway

Production Staff:
Robyn Hornsby, Russell Hornsby, Frank Davis, Doug Hamilton

Yvette Bilello, Duke Gremillion, Ellie Ramirez, Kevin Ramirez, Damon Stentz