More About the Piece:

A Follow-Up to 2007’s The Curious Savage!

Le Petit’s fourth production of the season, under the direction of Stephanie Kenney-Gomez, with Linda Schexnayder and Susan Foret producing is John Patrick’s The Savage Dilemma, the lively sequel to The Curious Savage. All the wonderful, zany characters of the original play are together again and involved in a delightful new series of hilarious misadventures with, as before, the indomitable Mrs. Savage who tries to save the day.

Depressed and world weary, after extensive travels, the reputedly wealthy Mrs. Ethel P. Savage ( Jeanne Scott) returns to the sheltered precincts of the Cloisters, seeking refuge among her former fellow patients. Reprising their roles as the residents are Kami-Rae Ellender as Fairy May, Patti Foret Loupe as Florence and Mike Brossette as Hannibal.

But the Cloisters is on the verge of closing due to lack of funds, and as Mrs. Savage’s fortune is now in the control of her greedy stepchildren, she is powerless to help. But then a young, grungy couple, played by Ani Ashley and Scott Courville storm in, bent on robbery until Mrs. Savage persuades them to “kidnap” her, with her share of the money going to the Cloisters. From then on the plot twists and turns delightfully as one hilarious event follows another.

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The Details:

February 10, 2011

February 20, 2011

Stephanie Kenney-Gomez

Production Staff:
Reggie Pontiff Jeanne Scott Pat Crochet Sue Peace

Jeanne Scott Kami-Rae Ellender Patti Foret Loupe Mike Brossette Ani Ashley Scott Courville Donna Benda Michael Sevante Stephanie Toups Dwayne Adams Raymond Godail Tyler Bonner