More About the Piece:

Book, Music and Lyrics by Scott Martin

A hotel ballroom, 1998, and six voluptuous B-movie “Scream Queens” revive their fading acting careers by presenting a musical revue for their fans at a science fiction and horror film convention. From young newbie to seasoned grand dame, the Queens strut their stuff in song and dance to prove “I Got All of the Talent I Need.” For 90 minutes of hilarious musical mayhem, they take the audience into the world of no-budget movies with awful scripts, fake monsters and gooey “Special FX.” They even involve the audience in a screaming contest and zombie talent search.

As each Queen reveals her personal story, we share their hopes and dreams, from Tonya’s love of her idol “Fay Wray” to Alexis’ advice that “Everybody Starts at the Bottom” to DeeDee’s secrets of Scream Queen longevity: “Don’t Open That Door.” British screen veteran Nadine savors her joy of being “Still In Demand” while Bianca celebrates the lifetime achievements of “Roger Corman” and Richelle laments her own elusive “Happy Endings.” They also screen original clips from their direct-to-video “scary movie” spoofs such as “Revenge of the Psycho Bimbos” and “Malibu Vampire Vixens,” all hoping to attract the attention of a popular young horror film director lurking in the audience.

The Scream Queens will have you convulsed with laughter and begging for the inevitable sequel.


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The Details:

July 14, 2011

July 31, 2011

Pat Hornsby-Crochet

Production Staff:
Rachel Billiot Klaus

Richelle: Kim Champagne Alexis: Kat Pierron Bianca: Amy Adams DeeDee: Ann Duplantis Nadine: Sharlene Saunders Tonya: Brittany Pellegrin