More About the Piece:

By Gore Vidal

The timing is perfect! Just as Gore Vidal’s The Best Man closes on Broadway in New York, it opens on Main Street in Houma. At this new location—with a different cast and new set—come and enjoy a classic look at the men (and women) behind politics. We suspect that you will agree that this non-partisan glimpse of the backroom workings within a (or any) political party mixes wit, shenanigans, and wicked truths in equal measure.
You will first be introduced to former Secretary of State William Russell (Doug Holloway) and his wife, Alice (Robyn Hornsby). He is the principled, liberal candidate within the party. Of course, he has some ‘issues’ that could derail his nomination. The man who is there to see that this doesn’t happen is his campaign manager, Dick Jensen (Scott Courville).

On the ‘other side of the aisle’ is Senator Joseph Cantwell (Steve Crispino), who, along with his wife, Mabel (Jeannette Burke), represents the conservative interests within the party. Cantwell’s campaign manager, Don Blades (Joel Waldron) has the unenviable task of corralling his boss’s energy and guessing what Cantwell will be up to next.
Throw in a former President, Arthur Hockstader (George Beaudry), who is a master of perception and control. Add the Grand Dame of the party, Mrs. Gamadge (a role being reprised by Edwina Yakupzack), a party stalwart intent on being in charge of form and protocol at the convention. Sprinkle with a party regular, Senator Clyde Carlin (Frank Davis) whose loyalty to either nominee is suspect, include a trusted psychiatrist, Dr. Artinian (Terrance Bonvillain), add the pretty aide, Catherine (Stephanie Guidry), the ‘voice over’ commentator (Larry Hyatt), the sleazy snitch, Sheldon Marcus (Mike Brosette), and round out the cast with the essential bevy of reporters (Charlotte Bretz, Terrance Bonvillain, Charlotte Grace/Pat Crochet, Patti Loupe, and with Kyle Crispino behind the camera) and you have a relevant, funny, and perceptive evening of entertainment.

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The Details:

September 13, 2012

September 23, 2012

Pat Hornsby-Crochet

Production Staff:
Russell Hornsby Robyn Hornsby

Doug Holloway Robyn Hornsby Scott Courville Steve Crispino Jeannette Burke Joel Waldron George Beaudry Edwina Yakupzack Frank Davis Terrance Bonvillain Stephanie Guidry Larry Hyatt Mike Brosette Charlotte Bretz Terrance Bonvillain Charlotte Grace Pat Crochet Patti Loupe, and with Kyle Crispino