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Bjorn Faulkner has swindled millions of dollars from investors, by investing cash he didn’t have in order to control the gold trade. In the wake of a crash, he is facing bankruptcy despite the injection of money by Mr. John Graham Whitfield, a prominent banker whose daughter, Nancy Lee Faulkner, married Faulkner shortly after the loan.
On the night of January 16th, Karen Andre, Bjorn Faulkner’s mistress of 10 years is with are in the penthouse at the top of the Faulkner Building In New York; Faulkner falls to his death, in what may have been suicide – or murder.
Karen Andre is placed on trial on charges of having murdered Faulkner. She is being prosecuted by Mr. Flint and defended by Mr. Stevens.
Within the three acts of the play, the two lawyers call upon a number of witnesses, including a private investigator, the coroner, and a notorious gangster, whose testimony builds contradictory stories.

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